Restore to me the joy of your salvation. —Psalm 51:12

Think of a time in your life when you had joy, the kind that comes from knowing the Father loves you, Jesus has died for you, and the Holy Spirit lives inside you. Where is that joy today? Has it been stolen by daily hassles or a loss? If so, God wants to restore your joy. It may not happen at the snap of a finger, but you can discover joy in God even when life is far from happy.

The first step in recovering his joy is believing that God wants you to have it. The next step is asking for it. Why not make that prayer the desire of your heart, something you take to God regularly?

The third step is to draw near to him. There is so much newfound joy in sitting before him, letting him love you in spite of circumstances, experiencing anew the gift of his presence in your life.

The fourth step is to choose to set your mind on things that foster joy. What people, activities, websites, books, and entertainment foster joy in you, and which ones deplete your joy? Then take your pick.

Food for Thought: God is eager to give you joy as you bask in his presence.