We were crushed and overwhelmed beyond our ability to endure, and we thought we would never live through it. In fact, we expected to die. But as a result, we stopped relying on ourselves and learned to rely only on God. —2 Corinthians 1:8-9 NLT

The apostle Paul and his missionary team were often in deadly danger. On one occasion, he wrote to the believers in Corinth about his situation. He said he was pushed beyond his own resources and expected to die. But the experience taught him to rely on God, who raises the dead.

There’s really no way to learn to rely on God other than to be pushed beyond our own resources. That’s one of the reasons God allows those situations. So, if you feel overwhelmed by some circumstance, consider letting it propel you into God’s arms.

Also, ask your Daniel Plan friends to pray for you. That’s what Paul did, and he looked forward to the thanksgiving his friends would offer up when he was delivered from danger (2 Corinthians 1:11). He also knew that the experience would someday help him comfort others under similar pressure (2 Corinthians 4-5).
God never wastes a pain

Food for Thought: God is with you in your current circumstances, committed to bringing good out of them for you