Monday, January 24, 2011
Louis b. Smith, Jr.

This is my running prayer, Lord.
I run in praise of you.
I praise you with my motion.
You sustain my breath.
That I may sustain your praise.
All creation joining in
Nothing in creation is still.
My world revolves as I run across it.
The heavens move as I run below them.
Everything moves in praise.
I move as I run.
I run a trail of blessings,
Giving and receiving both.
As I run I am blessed,
With moisture in the air
To cool my straining body,
Plants and trees nourish my breath,
That I may run further.
With birdsong to cheer me on.
Joining in unending praise
With the supportive murmur,
Of the ?owing creek.
With passion in my arms and legs,
With burning in my chest,

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