At 46 pounds lost, Sherry Wesson is one of The Daniel Plan’s biggest weight losers since starting in January. But weight loss is only a small part of her story. She battled obesity and depression for most of her life. Before starting The Daniel Plan, she was about to lose a lot more. Read how Sherry is winning her battles with hopes to win the war of a healthy lifestyle.

My warfare for most of my life has been two-fold:


  1. The BATTLE in my body. For more than 40 years, I have either been on a diet or on a binge. I’ve never known what it is like to be at a consistent weight.
  2. The BATTLE in my head. Depression, mood swings, and anger began in my 20s. This led to more than 30 years of doctors, therapy, medications even hospitalization.

I am now 56-years old. I have spent all these years and thousands of dollars looking for answers but only finding short term results. Exhausted and depleted of any desire to try again, I found The Daniel Plan.

The day before The Daniel Plan kick-off, I had packed my bags and moved to Torrance to live with my cousins out of desperation to get help. I had also talked to my boss about taking a leave of absence from work because I was having trouble performing my job duties without constant emotional and physical breakdowns. I was ready to give up my husband and run off to a health center again. I had spent thousands of dollars and numerous visits at these centers, where I always found it easy to eat right and exercise because everyone there was doing the same thing. But when I got home, I was not strong enough to keep doing the healthy habits.

Every time I would come back to my home and work environment, I would fall off the wagon and turn to overeating and drinking to numb out and escape from life. “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die,” seemed to be my motto. Using food and alcohol to escape seemed to be the only way I wanted to deal with life since I wasn’t sure there was a God anymore. I had stopped going to church and no longer had hope of heaven, so, I think this caused my depression and self-destruction to escalate. At this very low point in my life, my husband and I agreed that perhaps the only answer was for me to live at a health center long term.

Thank God, He had a better plan for my life…thus The Daniel Plan came to my rescue.

So, instead of running off to a health center, I found The Daniel Plan kick-off event online and chose to give it a try first. Little did I know that the next three days would bring so much hope and support:

Day 1
Attended Kick-off and thought just maybe this 52 week program could provide the support locally that could keep me from having to live at a health center. Just maybe this could make the difference.

Day 2
I decided it was time for me to get back in church. To find a church that could offer me the support of The Daniel Plan meant everything! I went to the local Huntington Beach Saddleback Church and was greeted by Pastor Robby Boyd. Then, after church I was introduced to a couple who invited me to start The Daniel Plan that very night. When Pastor Rick Warren said we can’t do it alone, he was so right!

Day 3
Since I wanted to start eating healthy, I decided to visit a local restaurant called 118 Degrees. The owner was there, and I got to tell her my story. She told me she had also been at the kick-off event on Saturday. She worked with me on a food and detox plan that I started immediately. Since I work full-time, being able to pick up all my food at her restaurant has been such a blessing.

I just have to thank God for giving Pastor Rick Warren direction to start The Daniel Plan. It is exactly what I needed to find my way back to God.

What happened because of the Daniel Plan?

  • I lost 46 pounds since the kick-off (I can tie my own shoes again!)
  • My depression was gone within 3 days of changing my diet. I’m so glad I can be free of depression WITHOUT drugs.
  • My husband says I’m not so angry anymore.
  • I got to keep my job!
  • I’m off my blood pressure medications.
  • My Faith in God as been restored
  • I didn’t have to go live at a health center. I stayed local and found support in my community.
  • I found a pastor and a church that wants to help me with my physical health.
  • I get to learn from 3 expert doctors and it is FREE!
  • I found a Daniel Plan Small Group.
  • I found a local food coach and restaurant that helps me with my meals, since I work full time.
  • I found a local therapist.
  • I am not alone.