Plenty of obstacles can come your way on this journey toward health. This is why planning is essential for your success. When it comes to meals and parties with friends, you have no doubt faced temptations. Turn your focus to the purpose of the event or celebration so you canadopt a new perspective. But also set yourself up for success by thinking ahead.

Part of life is going out and being with friends, going to events, eating at restaurants, and traveling. The good news is, you can eat almost anything occasionally and be fine—as long as it’s real food, such as real pizza or French fries (not fast-food fries that have about 30 ingredients) or a piece of cake or cookies, and as long as you or someone you know made them from real ingredients.

Eating out is one of life’s great pleasures. Our overall suggestion is to eat out less often and choose higher quality food when you do. When you go out, enjoy great food, and you will feel great too. Here are a few tips on how to eat well, feel well, and have fun eating out in restaurants and at parties while still following The Daniel Plan.  (For additional ideas on eating out, check out pages 134–36 in The Daniel Plan book.)

  • – Skip the bread.
  • – Drink water, at least a glass or two, before you eat. You will likely eat less.
  • – Order two or three sides of veggies. Go crazy!
  • – Ask for extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, and fresh pepper for your salad instead of dressings.
  • – Choose foods associated with good words, such as roasted, broiled, baked, grilled, seared, steamed, sautéed.
  • – Skip the appetizer.
  • – Share entrées with a friend or companion.
  • – Never go to a party hungry.
  • – Bring your food. If you are going to a picnic, bring healthy choices to eat if there is nothing else worth eating.
  • – Start a trend with your friends. See who can find the best real food in your town.
  • – Say no to food pushers. These are people who say, “Come on, just have one bite” or “One can of soda can’t hurt you.” But have more respect for yourself and just say, “No thanks!”

Today’s Steps:

  1. Plan ahead for meals that you will be eating out.
  2. Bring healthy food options to parties.
  3. Stay on track with your fitness routine and consider graduating to the next level.