I love chia seed pudding! Chia seeds are a super seed filled with fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. On top of being really good for you, they taste great, especially when combined with low-glycemic berries. This recipe comes from my friends at Curry Girls Kitchen. Enjoy for breakfast or a snack!
Prep time: 30 minutes Serves: 1


    • – 3 tablespoons whole chia seeds


    • – 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon


    • – 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom (optional)


    • – 1/2 cup hot water or nut milk


    • – 1/2 cup washed organic berries


    • – 2 tablespoons hemp seeds (can substitute toasted or raw pumpkin or sunflower seeds)


Step 1: In a medium bowl, combine the chia seeds, cardamom, and cinnamon and pour the hot water over the mixture. Let rest to firm up, about 20-30 minutes.
Step 2: Wash the fruit and slice into bite-sized pieces if needed.
Step 3: Top the thickened chia seed pudding with berries, coconut flakes and any other seeds. Enjoy