Stuck in a rut? Routine becoming too routine? Or are you just ready for a little change of pace? Consider supercharging your food and fitness! This week, The Daniel Plan shares a variety of superfoods, recipes and new exercise classes to supercharge your lifestyle! For example, this week at the Lake Forest campus, try a new Tae Bo class with Tina Pretsch or Bootcamp with Tony Lattimore from P90X!



  • John Perry: From Burgers and Buffets to 50 Lbs. Weight Loss
    John found excellent motivation to kick several bad habits and now is nearing his weight loss goal of 60 pounds. This is a must-read that includes several tips from someone in the trenches.
  • Healthy Living Workshops – Video
    Watch any or all of the seven of the Health Living Workshops here! The workshops, July 7-August 25, feature expert doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers sharing tips, cooking demonstrations and strategies for healthy living!



  • It’s Not Your Fault: Why Most Diets Don’t Work,
    Dr. Mark Hyman

    Your body is in survival mode, so “dieting” can fool the system for awhile, but not forever. Read this no non-sense article from Dr. Hyman on how best to lose weight, as well as this video from Dr. Oz who debunks several fad diets.