If you think shopping is a chore, hopefully Daniel Plan shopping will change your mind. Consider it as an errand that boosts your health by stocking up on foods that heal. It can also be fun. Whether at a farmer’s market; grocery, specialty, or health store; CSA (community-supported agriculture); food co-ops; or online—buying healthy ingredients that taste good can motivate you to get into the kitchen and cook.

Before you go shopping, you can shift your mindset into a place of truth. Grab your journal and jot down any triggers, foods that have the potential to trip you up, and what thoughts surround those foods. Then make sure they don’t wind up on your list or in your cart.

Grab The Daniel Plan Good Foods List and follow these simple tips:

– Shop the perimeter. The perimeter of the market is where the produce, eggs, meat, and seafood departments are located.

– Buy in bulk to save money.

– Brave the inside aisles. Although there are many aisles that you now can totally skip, and that will save you time (and money!), the inside aisles are where you will find packaged whole grains, canned beans, frozen berries and vegetables, healthy oils, vinegars, dried herbs and spices, packaged nuts, broths, and condiments.

– Keep it cool. When you buy fresh seafood, ask for ice to keep it cold until you get home. And use insulated shopping bags to help keep cold things cold.

– Stock up, wisely. Be smart about how much you can store and how much you will practically use. This includes frozen items such as berries for smoothies and fresh, ground meat and poultry that will keep when wrapped well (or vacuum-sealed) in the freezer. Nuts, which can be expensive, store in the freezer for up to six months when wrapped well or vacuum-sealed

Not only is food medicine, but so is community. Community is the cure to much of what ails us. We get better together.

Click here to get to download and print The Good Foods List.