Easy come, easy go, but steady diligence pays off. —Proverbs 13:11 MSG

We often take for granted the things that come to us easily. Diligence is persistent effort for things that do not come easily, and it’s one of the main virtues we need in our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

For instance, getting enough movement in a busy day takes diligence to schedule time to walk or lift weights.

Meal plans take diligence because we have to plan ahead for grocery shopping, chopping vegetables and cooking.

Along with improving our health, all this diligence provides a bonus in the rest of our lives. It can help us to be more faithful in relationships, so that people increasingly know they can depend on us. It can help us become more consistent in time with God. It can help us with financial decisions. Diligence is a muscle well worth exercising, because it has benefits far beyond our physical health.

Food for Thought: A practice of diligence pays off in every area of life.