By Tom Wilson, Fitness Coach

I enjoy training athletes because I like watching their hard work pay off during competition. But lately my enjoyment has come from the pulpit and not the athletic arena. Does anyone else just love watching our Pastor Rick come out on stage with a big smile on his face, his arms up in the air and full of energy to serve God? I love seeing that energy knowing how hard he’s been working to get it. Most of you just see the end result…a slimmed down pastor with more energy. So this week I was asked to share with you just how dedicated our pastor is to reaching his goals and the type of workouts he’s been doing to get there.

Prior to The Daniel Plan, we would schedule 5 days a week hoping to get 2-3 workouts in. With his schedule and “pastoral emergencies” it’s tough for him to always find the time to train. Now we’re pretty much on call 6 days a week. He’s even started working out after the weekend services. We do a pool workout after the last Saturday evening service and a gym workout after the Sunday services. These workouts help him to relax and unwind from all the emotions that go into the preparation and delivery of our weekly message. He’s able to sleep better after the Saturday services and have more energy for his off day after the Sunday services. Maybe some of you could use the same approach to relax and unwind after your strenuous day at the office!

There are 3 different routines that we alternate between:

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