After nine weeks, we know the basics concepts and Healthy Habits in The Daniel Plan, like:

  • It’s not a short-term diet. It’s about a life-long healthy lifestyle.
  • Eat foods grown on a plant, not in one.
  • Don’t drink your calories.
  • Detoxify your body from gluten, dairy and sugars.
  • Get support from group members.
  • Exercise.

This week, we want to get more personal. It’s about your physical and spiritual health, and making changes according to your condition. In Week 1, you took measurements and started a profile on our site. Now we suggest updating those numbers, and taking additional quizzes to identify ways to modify The Daniel Plan for you, your body and health.

Take time to dig deep and find out what makes you tick, so The Daniel Plan can help keep you ticking a lot longer, healthier and happier!

We’ve added a sweet touch for you chocolate lovers in our new Superfood Spotlight on Raw Cacao.

Stick with it!
Don’t give in to previous choices and don’t give up! Review your One-Page Miracle and remember why you started, and where you’re going. You may want to write some new goals. We encourage you to stick with it! Every day is a new day to experience the adventure of health!

Fill the nutritional gaps!
After taking the various quizzes and questionnaires on our site, and affiliated sites with Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mehmet Oz, your results may suggest adding targeted nutritional supplements.

Your Workout Routine
Fitness Coach Tom Wilson gives us the second article in a series of three about Your Workout Routine. He answers common questions about intensity, duration and frequency.

Health Champions Unite!
If you are the Health Champion in your small group, or want to be one, we want to help! We’re planning more support, encouragement, exclusive events for you! We’d like to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] and ask for our brief Health Champion questionnaire.

Have a great week enjoying your life!



  1. Read and watch the Know Your Brain Type article and video to explore ways to personalize your plan. Re-take additional quizzes available on this site to measure your progress.
  2. Examine your motivation be reviewing, updating your One-Page Miracle.
  3. Keep eating well. Exercise and treat yourself to a Raw Cacao recipe.