When you are sick with the cold or flu, isn’t it amazing how much you appreciate being healthy? This week, The Daniel Plan wants to help you beat the bug, as well as offer suggestions for what to do when you’ve already been bitten.

With every change of season, our immune system is under attack. There are snotty signs to watch for as Dr. Oz explains here. He also addresses natural cold cure myths and reality in this clip from the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Mark Hyman writes two in-depth articles about boosting your immune system for you and your children, as well as surprising facts about the flu vaccine shots. Dr. Daniel Amen adds his thoughts via video about how to avoid illness and what to do when you have already caught the bug.

Need a Pep Talk? We extracted the The Daniel Plan “theme song” and exercise demonstration from the second Health & Fitness Seminar on March 19. Led by Fitness Coach Tom Wilson and music by Rick Muchow, it will give you a different perspective to the song “Set Free.” Wilson also offers encouragement and tips to “Staying with the Program.”

Discover quinoa (KEEN-wa) this week and one of a variety of recipes quinoa can be used with. It’s a superfood with super protein and flexibility!

Read Sherry Wesson’s story about how The Daniel Plan is helping her win battles with hopes to win the war over obesity. At 45 pounds lost since January 15, she is currently The Daniel Plan’s biggest loser.

Finally, we’ve collected more original, and Daniel Plan Approved, recipes from volunteers. You may want to avoid reading these if you are hungry…

Have a great week!



  1. Arm yourself and family with immune boosting foods, herbs and vitamins.
  2. Give yourself and others a pep talk, and read the article from Tom Wilson. Watch the music video and read Sherry’s story. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Add quinoa to your diet. It’s versatile, a complete vegetable protein, easy to make and great for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Try one of the other recipes volunteers have submitted and the doctors have approved.