Some of life’s most memorable moments occur at restaurants. First dates. Special occasions. Celebrations. Marital proposals or just a night out with a friend or loved one to enjoy each other’s company instead of cooking, cleaning the kitchen!

With so many talented chefs and amazing restaurants available, this week The Daniel Plan offers ways to enjoy fast food to fine dining, while making healthy choices that don’t compromise your new lifestyle.

Make sure to read Dr. Mark Hyman’s articles about Eating Out Wisely and alternative “fast foods” he calls “Grab-and-Go.” And Dr. Daniel Amen shares the Little Lies and Rules to Eating Out which we can all relate to. He even gives his top fast food options if you absolutely must go to a fast food place. Dr. Mehmet Oz challenges you to test your ability to order healthy and how to “beat the buffet” in his two video segments this week.

We’ve also given you The Daniel Plan Team Favorite Restaurants and Main Dishes.

This week, discover the magic of Chia. This amazing Superfood has the highest natural Omega 3 profile, helps with hydration, digestion and disarms diabetes among many other benefits. Also, we’ve added a short article on Coconut flour and a Coconut Macaroon recipe along with other volunteer original recipes!

Read the Sam Felsenfeld story. He once called himself the “poster boy for eating bad.” Now he’s a Daniel Plan Health Champion to help others transform their lifestyles, both physically and spiritually.

Watch Tom Wilson’s video and work on your posture. Also, we’ve highlighted one workout for women on Saddleback Church’s Lake Forest campus. And, this just in…The Daniel Plan, in conjunction with the PEACE team, is hosting a 5K and 10K race on June 11 in and around the Lake Forest campus! Plan now and start training. Details to follow.

By the way, if you haven’t discovered Farmers’ Markets yet, read this article and find one located near you. Direct from farm to market, these fresh fruit and vegetables are often more affordable, and you can talk with the farmer to learn about them.

Finally, we’ve assembled a list of the current Daniel Plan Biggest (Weight) Losers. So many report to losing 30 pounds or more since January 15. It’s amazing! If we’ve missed you somehow and you are among the top biggest losers, let us know at [email protected]. You are an inspiration to us all!



  1. Plan a date at a restaurant and follow the rules of dining out. You’ll be surprised at how delicious healthy ordering can be!
  2. Check out Chia. It’s so flexible and good for you! If you’re trying to lose weight, use it as a meal-replacement. If you’re a runner or bicyclist, create a energy slurpy to keep you hydrated. Or add it to soups, yogurts, dressings. Find a healthy recipe online and enjoy this virtually perfect food.
  3. Find a Farmers’ Market and plan some “Grab-and-Go” meals this week.