Too often, “energy” seems easily obtained from super-charged, sugary, caffeinated drinks. But those short-term blasts only lead to lulls hours later. Then another energy drink goes down the hatch, and the cycle perpetuates itself.

This week, The Daniel Plan examines the roots of energy, which is a core principle of a healthy lifestyle. Alertness, energy and vitality are results of good nutrition and exercise which impact your metabolism. However, other factors could be impacting your energy too.

So we’ve assembled a few basics about basic food groups, and suggestions to help create more energy and vitality in your life. For example, Dr. Oz shares a “7-Step Energy Surge Plan,” in three video segments from The Dr. Oz Show. Functional medicine expert Dr. Mark Hyman shares from personal and professional experience the keys to keeping your body energized with a “Metabolism Make-Over” via both video and an article. Dr. Hyman also provides a  simple tool to identify and deal with your energy “gains and drains.”

Brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen provides an in-depth look at ways to “Improving Focus & Energy,” which comes from his best-selling book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body.” We’ve also added a report about the ultimate energy drink.

Perhaps you feel lackluster because you’re not tapping into God’s power. Read Pastor Rick’s e-book about how to have a daily quiet time for assistance. Also, Tom Wilson suggests to exercise for energy, which may seem ironic, but energy is created when you get your heart pumping. Maybe you need some motivation. We’ve written about the Smith family who are influencing thousands of people from their progress and secrets to success.  Read how they are casting a web of influence.

Webcast Ready
Don’t miss the 30-minute recording of the Web cast from May 5! Special guest Steve Komanapalli (aka “Stevey-K”) joins Dee Eastman, Dr. Amen and Dr. Hyman discussing the topic of creating energy from real-life experiences.

Biggest Losers – Update
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Thanks to Marie Goodrow from Henry’s in Lake Forest, try these new Summertime recipes including salads, side and main dishes and desserts! They’re all Daniel Plan approved!

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  1. Assess your level of energy. Could it be enhanced? Review this week’s materials and determine which area of your life you could improve. Is it lack of sleep, exercise, or are food and beverages the culprits? Take immediate and decisive action.
  2. Download and read Pastor Rick’s e-book about how to have a quiet time. It’s probably the most important thing you can do this week and every day for the rest of your life.
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