Like writing New Year’s resolutions, starting a new diet and fitness program is easy, but sticking with the program is another story. Health club memberships and fitness equipment sales soar in January each year, but 3-6 weeks later, sales return to normal figures.

So why do people give up so quickly?

In WEEK 2 of The Daniel Plan and small group study, we address keys to ignite the fire inside that inspire and motivate us to adapt a healthy lifestyle. In the small group study, Pastor Rick addresses “Will power vs. God’s power” so we can tap into God’s motivation to make great health decisions every day. And that’s the big difference here – not only are you making lifestyle changes with the support of a small group and others working the plan with you, but you are learning to operate on the power of God, not on the power of your own misleading will.

Additionally, at the kick-off Health & Fitness seminar on January 15, Dr. Daniel Amen said the key to change is motivation! Determine why you are starting The Daniel Plan and remind yourself daily what your original goals were. If it takes putting post-its up on your bathroom mirror or computer screen, or journaling every morning and writing down your thoughts, do whatever it takes to remind yourself that your hard work is worth it. We will be taking big steps this week, so connect to your motivation and hang on! Go to the “One Page Miracle” for help! Want more motivation? Read this for tips from Dr. Amen.

COMING SOON! With more than 8,500 participants in The Daniel Plan, we are receiving all kinds of feedback. Many of you want to log in to your profile to update the data. This capability is coming soon! Also, in the coming days, look for inspiring stories of people’s progress. We are already seeing lots of positive results!



  1. Complete the “One-Page Miracle” worksheet.
  2. Take a “Drug Holiday” for six weeks from caffeine, sugar, alcohol, processed foods. Since your body may experience cravings, Dr. Amen offers tips to cutting cravings.
  3. Clean out your kitchen–We’re not talking about soap and water here. Rather we’re addressing the food residing in your cabinets that secretly undermine your progress in The Daniel Plan. Reach Dr. Hyman’s “Understanding the Label” article and remove any foods that that don’t fit into the plan. If they have not expired, consider donating them to Saddleback’s Food Bank. You can drop your items off at 20131 Ellipse Rd., Foothill Ranch, 92610 Tuesday or Thursday, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or Wednesday, from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.