The Daniel Plan challenges you! For the month of July and August, The Daniel Plan is issuing a Summer Fitness Challenge, so you can set goals, get help and celebrate your progress. We’ve assembled a support system of professional health and wellness experts, workshops, activities, motivational tools and ministries to encourage you to new heights of wellness.

For the women, Director of The Daniel Plan Dee Eastman has arranged Healthy Living Workshops beginning July 7 featuring expert health and wellness professionals discussing exercise ideas, cooking demonstrations, cost-cutting strategies and more!

With this week’s focus on fitness, we bring you a History of Fitness Trends, which is a trip down memory lane, written by new Communications Intern and Historian Jennifer Smith. Remember leg warmers? The vibrating belt? Heard of TRX, the latest trend to hit gyms across America?

To help you accomplish your Summer Fitness Challenge goals, Fitness Coach Tom Wilson shares a powerful concept and goal-setting chart in his article Winning the Week.

Dr. Daniel Amen shares a chapter from his best-selling book about Exercise Your Brain and Your Body, and we’ve assembled a number of fun ways to get moving, including TaekwondogardeningWalk and WorshipSports and Adventure, the Best Brain Healthy Sport and Interval — or Burst — Training.

A popular goal for many people is related to weight loss, and body fat composition. So Dr. Mark Hyman delineates fat fact from fiction in this video and article, and we’ve reported about hydrostatic body fat testing which is an accurate way to measure your body fat composition.

Also, we found an amazing story about an online small group who has experienced the power of prayer and the Internet in order to grow spiritually, while improving their health. One of the small group members also shared this Running Prayer.

Finally, with the Fourth of July next week, Dr. Hyman offers these healthy BBQ recipes as an alternative the American traditional fare that has added so many pounds to our waistlines.

Catch someone doing something healthy, or consistent with The Daniel Plan, and send us a photo or video! The Daniel Plan will start a virtual scrapbook of good behavior, celebrating even minor successes! Get Caught details here.


  1. Take the Summer Fitness Challenge! Choose one or more of the challenges, email us, get help and get started! Get the details, ways to get help and a variety of groups offering exercises opportunities here. Read “Winning the Week” by Tom Wilson and establish weekly goals that will help you accomplish your Summer Fitness Challenge!
  2. Join us for the “Healthy Living Workshops” geared toward women, but men can attend too! Beginning July 7 and running each Thursday through the end of August.
  3. Plan for a health Fourth of July BBQ! Try our recipes, or one of your own that shares delicious flavor while delivering great health. If you have an original recipe you feel is “Daniel Plan Approved,” send it to us at [email protected] And if you see some in the act of doing something healthy, send us a photo for our new “Get Caught” photo series. Include the name, time, date and activity!