Dr. Daniel Amen says we have a second brain, in fact our digestive system has more neurotransmitters acting on our behalf than our main brain. Why is this important?

Because every food or beverage we consume is absorbed according to how healthy our intestinal tract is. If you have a bad inner tube, Dr. Mark Hyman says, it can affect virtually every other system in your body. With a good inner tube, your body can absorb nutrients efficiently and eliminate the waste, creating energy, vitality and overall well-being.

This week, The Daniel Plan gives a gut check, examining the importance of intestinal health. Dr. Hyman provides an excellent overview with two videos, Your Gut, and Inner Tube along with two complimentary articles about the 7 Keys to Optimal Digestive Health and The Inner Tube of Life from his best-selling book The UltraMind Solution. From The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz shares what we can learn from our poop — yes we said it. There’s no getting around it, our stool says a lot about how well our digestive system is working.

Learn about probiotics and a few real-life stories that hit close to home. For example, our own Director of The Daniel Plan, Dee Eastman, and her daughter Meagan have been through a major ordeal, ultimately learning how to solve Meagan’s gut health. And popular Chef Jenny Ross shares her story of how addressing her gut challenges resulted in a new “raw” career. We also learned this week that greek yogurt supports probiotic health in the digestive system. Fitness Coach Tom Wilson also gives practical ways exercise helps with digestion.

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