Your epidermis, a.k.a. skin, is the largest organ in the body, and also one of the most amazing! It protects, it heals itself, it’s pliable, it’s coloring is unique, and it covers every inch of the body. The skin can also reveal where your health is off track. This week, The Daniel Plan offers ways to improve your skin health from the inside out.





  • Get Rid of Acne from the Inside Out, Dr. Mark Hyman
  • Do Milk and Sugar Really Cause Acne? Dr. Mark Hyman
    • Dr. Hyman explains improving skin health requires an inside-out strategy and he knows from personal experience. Read these in-depth articles to learn the keys to looking young.
  • The Skin Solution, Dr. Daniel Amen
    • From his best-selling book, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body,” Dr. Amen shares The Skin Solution chapter which connects brain and skin health.
  • Guide to Healthy Sun Exposure, Jennifer Smith
    • Is sun tanning healthy? How about fake bakes? Tan-in-bottle? Read this to learn how to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D from the sun, without premature skin aging.


  • Healthy Living Workshops for Women
    • Plan now to attend this Thursday 9:30am at The Refinery! Learn about Celebrating Life: Practical Ways to Boost Your Mood, featuring guest speaker Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, founder of the Center for New Medicine in Irvine.
  • Summer Fitness Challenge (July-August)
    • Pick a challenge,set a goal, let us know and be entered into an opportunity to win a prize. We’ve also arranged for several experts to help you FREE.



  • Pull the Tooth, Tom Wilson
    • Got nagging injuries? Fitness Coach Tom Wilson explains they may be connected to each other from over-compensating your natural movements. He also offers to answer any comments from you, asking for help with aches and pains.


  • Superfood: Pumpkin Seeds, Stefanie Cassetto
    • Pumpkin seeds are not just for October. Turns out, eating these can improve your skin health. Try the yummy recipe too!