Every journey begins with the first step. This week, The Daniel Plan suggests taking a lot more steps on the way as the focus turns to adding fitness to your lifestyle!

We’ve assembled instruction, activities and the new Fitness Course to help you get started improving flexibility, strength and endurance. And meet Tom Wilson, The Daniel Plan Fitness Coach, who will be sharing a weekly “Fitness Spotlight” — this week starting with an article and video series about stretching.

In addition Dr. Daniel Amen offers some great articles about how exercise can make you happier, thinner and smarter. He also writes about The World’s Best Brain Sport, which may surprise you about how healthy it is!

Dr. Mark Hyman gives us an article about “How to Exercise“, breaking down tips for aerobic exercise, interval and strength training — even what to do if you “hate to exercise!” He also shares via video the wide range of benefits of exercise, saying if exercise were a pill, “it would be the biggest blockbuster drug of all time.”

New Fitness Course Ready
On the Lake Forest campus of Saddleback Church, the Fitness Course is ready for use.  So grab a workout buddy, arrange for your small group to have a fitness outing or just come out to try the 1/2 mile course which includes a variety of exercise equipment designed to target both the upper and lower body muscles. It’s free and it’s fun! (Then hit the Refinery for The Daniel Plan lunch!)

Enjoy Some Company
Get involved with others who are adding fitness to their lifestyle through one of two Saddleback Church ministries that make fitness fun! The Sports & Adventure Ministry offers a wide variety of sports and activities to choose from. And the Walk & Worship Ministry gives you an opportunity to get moving every day but Sunday!

Tell Us Your Story
How are you doing with The Daniel Plan? We’d like to know the good and bad! And, if you are interested in sharing your story with others online, we would like to know more and perhaps include you in a video we are preparing for the web site and the March 19 Health & Fitness Seminar.

SAVE THE DATE: March 19, 8:30am-12:30pm: Health & Fitness Seminar at Saddleback Church & Regional Campuses



  1. Start a monthly “fitness outing” with your small group (walk, hike, bike ride, Fitness Course etc.) or at a minimum identify a workout buddy and schedule regular activity!
  2. Learn about stretchingexercise basics
  3. Begin daily exercises. Get involved with Walk and Worship, the Sports & Adventure Ministry or visit the new Fitness Course.