Congratulations! We made it six weeks! Although we don’t expect everyone to be actively incorporating every detail from The Daniel Plan, we want to take this week to celebrate any progress, evaluate other areas of your life and provide direction and inspiration so you can maintain these new, healthy habits!

The Daniel Plan has more than 8,500 people involved and we’ve received hundreds of messages from people reporting weight loss, lowered blood pressure, more energy, and an overall better quality of life! In coming weeks, you’ll hear more testimonies.

So, how are YOU really doing?

This week, The Daniel Plan asks you to examine all areas of your life that each has an impact on your overall health. The Daniel Plan Health Experts – Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman – share articles and self-evaluation questions regarding your biology, psychology, social, and with the help of Saddleback Church’s Pastor Buddy Owens, spiritual life.

Some people may not be experiencing significant breakthroughs, so we want to help you achieve success and reach the goals you are setting for yourself. This article, “7 Tips to Help Change,” will offer further insight!

The Power of Group: One thing we’ve learned is being in a small group greatly enhances your ability to adapt life-long change. Dr. Mark Hyman shared this research study from the National Institute of Health if you’d like proof. And we have new small groups starting! Watch the video and if you haven’t started or joined a group, click here and see the power that comes from support and encouragement.

On A Budget? One popular question is: “I want to eat healthy foods, but I’m on a budget.” The doctors gave some frugal advice about cost-effective healthy living on the February 28 Webcast and in these articles.

The Daniel Plan: Simplified
We’ve also received lots of questions and added a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to help simplify The Daniel Plan. Read the two most common questions here in “The Daniel Plan: Simplified.” We also plan to add The Daniel Plan Basic Rules and a Weekly Checklist to help you stay on track.

Meet Dee Eastman: This week Saddleback Church introduces Dee Eastman as the Interim Director of The Daniel Plan. Read more here.

Fitness Coach Tom Wilson offers encouraging words and tough love in “What’s your excuse?

If you’re experiencing troubled times beyond The Daniel Plan, Saddleback Church can help through their:



  1. Celebrate your success! Reward yourself or celebrate with your small group for completing the six-week study. Make a meal together, exchange recipes, and go for a group fitness outing. If you’re not in a small group, join or start one today! It’s not too late to get started.
  2. Take time to reflect and read the “Four Components to Health” article and take the Self-Evaluation Quiz and Spiritual Health Assessment.
  3. Keep adapting your diet and add daily exercise.



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Healthy Eating on a Budget

Healthy Living Partnerships, NIH, Research Study
The Daniel Plan: Simplified
Meet Dee Eastman