As you watch Sunday’s Super Bowl football game, stop to think. Have you ever had a concussion or hard hit to the head — with or without wearing a helmet?

If so, Dr. Daniel Amen’s research shows that head trauma can have serious consequences including memory loss, dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease and more–especially if you’re overweight.

In three landmark published clinical studies involving Dr. Amen’s group of 115 active and retired National Football League (NFL) players, Dr. Amen showed:

  • Playing football, and other contact sports, can lead to brain-health problem decades later
  • Being overweight compounds the problem
  • Reversing brain damage is possible

“If you played football as a child or teenager, you are at higher risk of a variety of brain-health problems later in life,” Dr. Amen said who founded Amen Clinics, Inc and uses brain SPECT imaging scans to evaluate brain health.

Amen’s research shows that concussions from football or other causes may lead to brain-health problems, including dementia, memory loss, aggression, depression, and obesity. Symptoms may appear early, or decades after injury.  Depression, dementia and obesity are at higher levels than the general population among former players.

However, Dr. Amen said “there is hope.”

Dr. Amen found with a brain-healthy diet, exercise and supplementation similar to what is recommended on The Daniel Plan, these symptoms can be significantly improved.

“Our study found significant evidence that football is one the worst sports for the health of your brain,” Amen said. “Fortunately, there are treatment protocols that can literally reverse many of the symptoms and improve brain function.” The results of his work with NFL players has appeared in The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (March 2011, “Reversing Brain Damage in Former NFL Players: Implications for Traumatic Brain Injury and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation”).

From the study, NFL players significantly improved their short-term memory, reasoning, and other cognitive functions after following Dr. Amen’s protocol which resembles The Daniel Plan. In the treatment, NFL players also took high doses of Dr. Amen’s supplements including: Brain and Memory Power Boost, Omega-3 Power and NeuroVite Plus.

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