By Sean Foy, MA Daniel Plan Health and Fitness Coach

It’s one thing to start an exercise program, but how do you keep on going? Exercise physiologist and behavioral coach Sean Foy has 10 tips to help you stay on track:





  1. Know your numbers: Before your program begins consider performing assessments to determine the information that is important to you. Determine what you would most like to track during your Daniel Plan program (e.g. weight, body fat, cholesterol, body measurements). Once you capture your numbers, enter them into your FREE Daniel Plan Health Profile.
  2. Plan your week: Before your week begins, open your calendar and block out the exact time you will move your body.
  3. FOCUS – Plan your day: Before you get into the busyness of life, take 5 minutes to write down what you’d like to accomplish related to your fitness, your food and your faith and share your intentions with a friend.  Consider getting The Daniel Plan Journal to track all your food and activities.