Save Money, Buy Squash
Farmer’s markets may be shutting down for the season, but if you load up on winter squash before the farmers hang up their hoes until spring, you’ll be rolling in local produce from now till next May. In addition to the fact that they’re full of nutrients, ranging from B vitamins to omega-3s, varieties of winter squash, with their hard exterior shells, make fantastic winter storage crops, in some cases lasting six months before going bad; just put the squash in a cool place (ideally between 50º and 60ºF) and dip into your supply whenever the need for butternut squash soup or stuffed acorn squash arises. In many cases, a winter squash’s flavor will intensify after a few weeks in storage. Don’t limit yourself to the same old standard types, though. Here are nine harder-to-find varieties to roast, steam, boil, or bake this winter.