The Professional Athletes featured in this film are living examples of the untapped human potential that stems from eating an all-star, living diet, free of most processing, chemicals and genetically modified foods. This film explores how organic, raw, living foods and superfoods are giving professional athletes the edge they require to heal and recover fast, stay healthy, fit and reach new performance heights.

The film highlights, Evan Strong, who regains his competitive edge in sports through raw food nutrition after a tragic accident that causes him to lose his leg and end any hopes at a professional career in skateboarding. Evan’s accident, however, becomes the impetus for his dietary shift back to simple, healthy raw foods and quickly leads him to discover new untapped potential in winter sports as an adaptive snowboarder. Discover the extraordinary new triumphs of this world champion para-snowboarder and raw food restaurant co-owner, Evan Strong, through this heartfelt look into the life of the Raw Natural kid.