Feb 9, 2012 By Diane Lynn

When the summer months come, it can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise. Between the high heat, occasional humidity and the tendency to think of summer time as vacation time, you may find your exercise sessions lessening in frequency and intensity. Keep fit and healthy all summer by employing some techniques to get you through the summer exercise doldrums.

Workout Indoors

You may find it too difficult to workout in the summer due to the heat, frequent summer storms or the change in your child’s school schedule. Change your workout location from outdoors to indoors to avoid the heat and give yourself a change of pace. Joining a gym or using your community center’s workout room is a good choice, if you enjoy using the workout machines, taking group cycle or step classes and weight training with other people. If joining a gym or working out with other people makes you uncomfortable, try indoor rock climbing or use an exercise DVD to keep your body fit.

Change The Time

One advantage to exercising in the summer is that there are more daylight hours available for your workouts, reminds Indiana University’s News Room. Avoid exercising in the dark or the extreme daytime heat by scheduling your workout early in the morning or late in the evening. Change your work schedule slightly to accommodate your workouts. Get up a half-hour earlier to exercise before work and work a few minutes late, if necessary. Arrange for your partner or friend to watch your children while you walk, run or ride your bike.

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