How to Start a Healthy Eating Plan, the FUN way!
By Jenny Ross

Eating right is the first line of defense against fatigue, disease and the stresses of life that take a toll on our bodies. Beginning a new healthy eating plan may seem time consuming and overwhelming, especially when just starting out. Here are 4 fool-proof ways to add more delicious healthy food options to your diet that are quick and easy, making your time in the kitchen more playful and less daunting.

1) Start the day off right! Add superfoods smoothies to your morning routine. A superfoods smoothie will deliver a quick shot of vitamins and minerals in a way that your body can easily digest and use them, providing you with morning energy and nutrient rich calories to power your day. Kids love this recipe and preparing these drinks as a family is a great habit to cultivate to ensure proper nutrition for the whole family. Superfoods smoothies consist of 3 main components: fresh seasonal fruits, super-foods and nutrient rich coconut water or almond milk. This “Super-green smoothie” is a restaurant favorite and a great way to get an extra dose of greens without eating a salad. Simply place in a blender 1 banana, 1 cup of mango, pineapple or fresh berries, 2 leaves of kale or ½ cup of spinach, 1 tbsp. agave nectar (optional) and 1 tbsp. of super-greens Powder (available at any local health store or 118), ice is optional. Blend and enjoy as a meal any time of the day!

2) Focus on whole foods- Whole foods that are free of preservatives and synthetic foods are the best choice for healthy eating. These are always found on the outer perimeter of your local grocery store, direct from a farm or at a farmers market. Try adding to your diet some new nutrient rich basics like kale, raw nuts, cucumber and quinoa. Ask yourself when you are shopping if the food items you are putting in your basket occur naturally either growing on a tree or in the ground, if it doesn’t its best to leave it out. Try visiting a farmer’s market in the area and try once a week a new fruit or vegetable you have never tried before- this makes shopping more of an adventure!

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