At a church in the North Hills, they’re using the power of prayer to get fit with a weight loss plan as ancient as Babylon.

The Daniel Plan was developed in Southern California but it has its roots in the Old Testament Book of Daniel.

“He was allowed to eat at the king’s table. Daniel said ‘that’s not healthy,’” explained Pastor Don Swingle of North Hills Christian Church.

Instead Daniel eats “vegetables and water” to honor God and becomes much healthier.

“We are an obese nation. We are not healthy. Our life choices are not healthy.  We need to address this from a biblical perspective,” he explained.

Swingle believes the diet used by Hebrew slaves 2,000 years ago is just as important today.

The main idea is like that of other diets — exercise, eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats and avoid processed food and sugars. But what sets this healthy living plan apart is the religious element.

The Daniel plan is a 7-week program that is part bible study: part weight loss support group, part prayer meeting and part weigh in.

John Balbach believes in the plan.

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