We get a lot of requests for ab workouts so we put one together for you that is a bit of a fun challenge as well as being a good, quick workout for the abdominals. In this video we have 5 different exercises that target the abdominal muscles and each is done back to back with very little break in between.

Normally, it is best to mix in lower back, obliques and abdominals so you don’t create any unwanted imbalances in strength or endurance. But with this routine we thought we would hit just the abs really hard to make it more of a “fun” challenge.

For the first four exercises, complete twenty repetitions with as clean of form as you can control and with as large a range of motion as you can. Basically push yourself as hard as is possible with each repetition being sure to keep your form as close to perfect as you can to really tire yourself out.

Once you have completed all of the repetitions for each of the first four exercises then switch to the static plank for your final challenge. Hold the plank position for as long as you can until your muscles give out or they start to burn so badly that you can no longer stand it.  If you have a timer handy time yourself for your plank then post your time to the comments section below for a little friendly competition, and so you remember your old personal best for the next time you tackle this workout. Keep doing this routine once a week or once every two or three weeks to see how your core endurance has improved.

Remember though, that holding a plank is not just about core/ab strength. You need to have strong shoulders, chest, hip flexors and quadriceps as well as strong stomach muscles, to have the best chances for the longest plank time.

Also if you can’t do a full plank from elbow and toes then feel free to do it from your knees just be sure to note that in the comment section if you post your time.

Workout Structure:

20 Reps – Crisscross Crunch
20 Reps – Reverse Crunch
20 Reps – Toe Touch Crunch
20 Reps – Crunch

Hold Max Time – Plank

– Exercise Mat (optional)

Warm Up / Cool Down:
– Not Included

Depending on how long you hold your plank your calorie burn can change by a few calories up or down but over assuming you hold your plank for about 30 seconds your average calorie burn of this video will be round 4 calories per minute on the low end and around 8 calories per minute on the high end.