The Best Holidays Ever Challenge

Celebrating thankfulness and the birth of Jesus creates memories that last a lifetime.

However, too often we get slowed down mentally, physically and emotionally due to over-indulging in rich foods and drinks. The Daniel Plan encourages you to have the “Best Holidays Ever” by celebrating the true meaning for what God has done and growing your desire for renewed physical and spiritual health!

Here are several ideas to help you:

1. Have a healthier holidays
2. Start a new holiday tradition

Pick one, or as many as you like! Find a wealth of information, encouragement and guidance for each category below. Go to and click on any of the navigation tabs — Eat, Move, Think, Heal, Connect.


  1. Offer Daniel Plan dessert as a healthy alternatives to typical pies, cakes and cookies.
  2. Serve healthy, and delicious side dishes that can become new traditions!
  3. Challenge yourself to make a sugar-free but delicious dessert, then send it to us (just the recipe)!


  1. Train for a 5K, 10K, like the Turkey Trot, that will give you something to train for and a worthy cause to serve.
  2. Try a group exercise either at church, at a local gym, or with your small group.
  3. Take the family out for a walk after the Thanksgiving meal, and discuss ways to stay healthy and fun Christmas.
  4. Set a 6-week goal of regular exercise throughout the holiday season, then imagine how you’ll feel when the new year arrives.


  1. Start a new healthy tradition and make it special.
  2. Think of creative ways to make gatherings with family and friends work for your healthy agenda, i.e. Bring your own healthy snacks, side dishes.
  3. Refresh your mind and soul by starting, maintaining or increasing your daily quiet time of reading from God’s word and prayer.


  1. Eliminate the “ANTS” (automatic negative thoughts) and remind yourself of what you do have.
  2. Start a “Thankfulness Journal” to record daily and remind you of what God has done, including answered prayers.
  3. Hit the new year without gaining extra pounds from the holidays.
  4. With the holidays, consider ways to lower your Stress less, balance  — keep


  1. Join Saddleback Church’s Good Neighbor Weekend on Dec. 11-12 and serve others.
  2. Give gifts of physical or spiritual health!
  3. Start The Daniel Plan, and/or join a small group!
  4. Invite someone to a weekend service and the holiday services.