Jimmy Peña

“He refreshes my soul…” –Psalm 23:3

Read: Psalm 23

We hope you’ve enjoyed pausing on the island of grace this week. We can’t think of a better place to still our hearts and minds. Be it in the fitness industry or in the aisle at your local supermarket, the water can get choppy, leaving you bobbing in the wake of someone’s opinion, society’s judgments or self-destructive habits of comparison and self-obsession. The under currents are strong, and it’s not long before you’re waving your arms, “Look at me, I measure up! I fit in! Can anyone see me?!”

But the anchor of grace reminds us that health is given for one singular purpose: to bring glory to a mighty God. And as we’ve discussed over the years, that means so many things, and it doesn’t mean so many things. But if you’re tired, don’t worry. Treading water is toughest in really shallow water which is, coincidentally, where the world demands most of your time. But thankfully, God provides a shore. So go ahead and come out. Wrap yourself in a towel of compassion. Have a seat on the beach, run your toes through the sand, take a deep breath, and bask in a warmness only a Godly view of the body can provide.

Next week we’ll hit the water again hard, because our health demands our best. But for now — yawwwwn — I think I found a great spot for a nap.