Are you one of those fact-based people who like to see the evidence behind the reality? Then this is your week! Dig deeper with us to learn the science behind food and nutrition. When Daniel challenged the King’s court to a diet dual, he chose to eat vegetables and avoid rich foods served to the King. As the true story goes, it worked out pretty good for Daniel, even though he probably didn’t know much about the science.

With help from experts Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman, we have lots of helpful information this week regarding brain healthy foodsfoods to avoid, and a two-week menu plan that breaks down meals day-by-day! After all this, you will know why the Daniel Plan diet worked so well for him and his three amigos.

When our regular diet lacks healthy nutrition, sometimes taking a vitamin supplement can round out the missing gaps. Dr. Hyman explains why to take vitamin supplements and how to select the right one for you. He also gives us essential Kitchen Tools & Basic Cooking Tips!

In addition, watch Dr. Daniel Amen, and wife Tana, raid a volunteer’s kitchen pantry and refrigerator, while suggesting the “good foods.” And, he personally wrote a note to go along with the video. Dr. Amen also shares a “Brain Healthy Shopping List,” “50 Best Brain Foods,” and “Spices of Life: Boost Your Brain Cooking with Herbs & Spices.

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  1. Create a menu for the week based on a two-week meal plan.
  2. Learn about and/or start taking vitamin supplements.
  3. Clean out your kitchen pantry and refrigerator – add suggested replacements.