• Pastor Rick interviews Dr. Daniel Amen

    Pastor Rick asks Dr. Daniel Amen, a leading expert on brain health, about how the brain impacts physical, emotional, and cognitive health. Dr. Amen says factors like mental stress, lack of sleep, vitamin D deficiencies and timing of food intake all play a role. But he also emphasizes that the key to health is motivation, ...

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  • Pastor Rick Interviews Dr. Mark Hyman

    Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the most popular doctors in America, explains to Pastor Rick how he is going use his “functional medicine” concept to help participants of The Daniel Plan reach a new level of health. Rather than taking a pill for every ill, Dr. Hyman suggests food has the most powerful influence to ...

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  • Pastor Rick Interviews Dr. Mehmet Oz

    Pastor Rick spends a few moments interviewing world-renowned medical leader Dr. Mehmet Oz about “Why do hearts go bad?” and the “ABCs of weight loss.” As a heart surgeon, Dr. Oz explains how fixing heart-related problems with by-passes, stents, and grafts isn’t as important as identifying what is making the blood toxic and reversing the ...

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