By: April O’Neil

The core principles within The Daniel Plan equip you to reclaim and restore your health. Making healthy choices in the Essential life areas of Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends combine and collaborate to create long-term sustainable results.  As you meditate on God’s word and rely on His power, you surrender the battle with your own willpower.  Rather than meticulously counting calories, you begin to choose foods that love you back, and enjoy the tremendous benefits.  You approach fitness, not as a chore, but as a desire; discovering movement you enjoy and repeat!  No longer do you succumb to negative self-talk, but instead embrace the transformation that comes with focusing on what is true.  All this is done with the support of a community of friends.  We have discovered this magnificent God-orchestrated truth: Friends are the secret sauce.  God designed us to thrive in relationship. We get better together.

Mandy knew she needed to find support.  During a seminar where Dr. Hyman was speaking about blood sugar levels, she purposefully sat beside a woman who was enthusiastically taking notes.  They starting chatting and Mandy courageously asked her if she wanted to start a small group.  Kathy replied “yes.”  That was the beginning of what is now a long-standing relationship built on a shared faith and commitment of love.

Kathy loves working out and motivates Mandy to join her.  Mandy loves food and shares her favorite recipes. They get together each week; study God’s word, share information to plan out the days to come.  With this consistent support, Mandy has sustained a 43 pound weight loss, and crushed her addiction to sugar.  The physical changes have boosted her confidence and she’s back to living out her passion – teaching. In Mandy’s words “I’ve healed from the inside out.”

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Health habits are contagious.
If you spend time with people who exercise and eat healthy,
you are more likely to exercise and eat in a healthful way.
Dr. Daniel Amen

What’s stopping you from asking God to bring the right people together and start your journey toward better health?  When you have the support of others, you can be authentic and open about your struggles, and discover you aren’t alone.  With loving friends you’ll be able to manage through all that life throws your way.  When you’re having a bad day, a friend is only a call, text, or tweet away.  Face-to-face weekly meetings work well for most people, and with all the social media tools at our fingertips, it’s easy to connect, get inspired and get back on track.  Be sure to join our Facebook community where we serve up daily inspiration, motivation and encouragement.

Knowing you’re not alone and that others are cheering you on, will help keep you motivated. Giving that same support to others cultivates joy and a sense of purpose. A win/win for all.

 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
John 13:34-35